A Quick Guide for STOP Trainees

Hi there STOP trainees!

Congratulations on passing the entrance examination. You are now ready for the next step. If you have friends who have not taken our admission test yet, they are invited to visit CITE during school hours (8:00 am- 5:00 pm) DAILY. The test lasts about 1.5 hours). Preferred attire will be a school uniform. Don’t forget to bring a ballpen. For the results of the exam, check this link: Admission Test Results. Here’s in the map to our school:

Now on for those who have passed the exam! Here are the things you should remember:

The Summer (or Special) Training Orientation Program is 3-day training program for those who would like to pursue a course in Diploma in Engineering Technology Program (3 years). It is our screening process to select the best qualified students for the program. It will also serve as a foretaste of our program and determine your interest. The training is divided into five phases:

  1. The training program –  consists of preparatory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Electrical Principles, Physical Education, and Drafting to determine your entry level skills. Applicants should bring the following for the training: ruler, ballpen, pencil, PE attire (shorts and extra shirt), rag, and notebook.
  2. Applicant’s interview –  staff will be assigned to get to know you personally through an interview. Only applicants with high school cards (or at least with grades until the third grading) will be interviewed. The interview will give you a snapshot of what is expected of you if you will be accepted.
  3. Parent’s interview – parents will be interviewed to check if they are able to attend the monthly parenting seminar, willing to support you in your education (daily expenses, transpo, food, boarding house rental). Only parents or guardians are interviewed. No proxy is allowed.
  4. Medical exam – applicants will undergo a free medical exam such as X-Ray, CBC, physical exam once are accepted.
  5. Enrollment – this is the last phase when applicants submit all needed requirements for compliance. Original copies of the following will be collected from the applicants:
  • Original & 2 photocopies of High School Card /(TOR)
  • Original & 2 photocopies Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 4 copies 1×1 ID pictures (Blue/White background)
  • 2 photocopies of NSO Birth Certificate
  • Original & 2 photocopies copies of NCAE Result
  • Original & 2 photocopies Parents Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Tax Exemption or Certificate of Indigency 

STOP applicants are requested to attend an orientation before going to the actual training to prepare you for the training. For complete schedule of the training, please check this link: STOP Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions on Facebook (facebook.com/citeinfo)

Q: How do I know if I passed the STOP training?

A: The result will come out at least 5 working days after your training. You will be notified through this link: STOP Results. 

Q: Why am I placed under the waiting list?

A: If you are put on a waiting list, it means that you have not met some provisions required in the training. For example, upon computations, your STOP grade did not make it to the cut-off requirement. But don’t worry. There is still a chance for you to get into the program once we release the results on the schedule provided. Otherwise, we advise you to start applying in other schools.

Q: How is my STOP grade computed?

A: Your STOP grade is a collective result of your exams during the 3 days, result of your admission test, high school grade average, and the result of you interview (both yours and your parents).

Q: What if I failed in the medical exam?

A: Normally, we let our physician advise you on what to do. This is also to put your safety as priority since we cannot put your health at risk considering our rigid training in the school.

Q: What to do if I passed the STOP?

A: Please refer to the schedule for your enrollment based on your batch number. Let the parents/guardians during enrollment. This time, you should have submitted all your original requirements otherwise, there will be a delay in the processing. If some requirements are not available, notify us so we can give you advice. Parents will also settle 2 months of monthly contribution (for example, the parents pledged P600 a month, they will have to settle P1,200 plus P500 for the advanced payment for uniform = a total P1,700 upon enrollment.

Q: I passed the STOP in 2018, but I did not enroll. Should I take the STOP again?

A: No need to join the STOP. We will try our best to look into your old records and if you indeed are qualified, you can be advised to enroll upon completion of the requirements (medical exam, interviews).

Q: I have difficulties complying with my application requirements. What will I do?

A: Inform us right away so we can give you a sound advice on what to do. Remember that you can’t be officially enrolled if your requirements are lacking. 

Q: What is the total cost/tuition of your program?

A: We don’t call them tuition but cost of education. You are, so to speak, sponsored by the previous scholars who have pooled in scholarship grants for you. All you have to do is to pool in another scholarship fund for the next scholars. Our DIET program differs from one course to another. For example, you choose to take the Diploma in Engineering Technology Program – Mechanical Engineering Technology (MT). MT would cost about P280,000 for three years considering how expensive a technical course since most of the time, you are using floorwork machines and equipment.

Total cost of education: P280,000

Since it is unthinkable to pay the cost one time, we will help you  pool in from other sources to complete the scholarship grant through the following:

  1. Parents’ pledge (ex. P700/month x 12 months x 3 years) = P 25,200
  2. Cebu City Scholarship (if any) = P60,000 (3 years)
  3. Scholarship from your in-plant training – P60,000
  4. TWSP (through TESDA) – P8,000
  5. SPES (from DOLE) – P7,000
  6. Workcon Equity – P7,500
  7. Other possible scholarships (for example, Unifast) – P70,000

All in all, we have pooled in P227,700.

Our remaining/outstanding balance is P42,500 which can be settled on a staggered basis once you find jobs. There is a need to complete our balance so you can sponsor other scholars who will come after  you.The provisions of this cost will be drawn in a contract which both you and your parents sign during the orientation.

Q: Are there other fees to be settled when I am enrolled?

A: Your cost of education practically covers all materials you need while you are in the training. If there are further fees, it would be very minimal. For example, photocopies of materials. Except for mandatory uniforms or National Certification fees, there are no other fees that are required by the school.

Q: Can I stop schooling anytime?

A: We may only grant leave of absence to students for two reasons: health and financial problems. We will ensure that you that your stay in CITE will be pleasing and worth the experience. If under circumstances you decided to stop, all provisions in the contract will be applied.

Q: Can I be given scholarships?

A: We have a scholarships office that caters to your needs. All you have to do is to submit a letter of intent for assessment. Scholarships can be in different form depending  upon your needs.

Q: Can you assure me of a job after three years?

A: We can’t assure you 100%, but our placement arm will make sure  that you get the opportunity to experience industry exposure for at least 15 months that will pave your way towards future employment. If, by chance, after graduation, you remained unemployed, we are willing to extend our reach through referrals and recommendation until such time you are employed. That is our commitment.

Q: Can I proceed to engineering courses after DIET?

A: Through our linkages to other universities (UC and CIT-U), it is now possible that our subjects will be credited towards a degree course  in engineering of related fields. However, our immediate goal is to provide the industries with technologists and technicians. Thus, we would advise you to gain experience yet and delay further studies until you can save enough or learn the trade. If you feel that you are ready, then you may settle your balances drawn in our contracts so you can enroll in universities or consider our future flexible degree programs.

Q: Is studying in CITE difficult?

A: We will ensure that your stay in CITE will be pleasing and wholesome. Academic rigors are always present, but with good mentoring from our teachers, support groups from your clubs and friends, formative activities, and support from your parents, there is no doubt that you can hurdle any difficulty that may arise during your stay here. 

Q: Can I stop schooling anytime?

A: We may only grant leave of absence to students for two reasons: health and financial problems. We will ensure that you that your stay in CITE will be pleasing and worth the experience. If under circumstances you decided to stop, all provisions in the contract will be applied.

Q: Do you allow twins or siblings to enroll at the same time?

A: Yes, for as long as the parents are willing to support them. 

Q: Do you accept applicants with poor grades?

A: We believe that everyone should be given a chance. Just take the entrance exams and see where it goes.

Q: Can I choose my own course?

A: Of course. But to give time to form a well-informed decisions, we will give you orientations so you can choose well. Future transferring to other courses will not be allowed. 

Q: Do you accept transferees, ALS graduates, or graduates of the old curriculum?

A: This depends. ALS graduates before the K12 implementation we can accept as long as they are not beyond 25 years old upon enrollment. For transferees, they have to undergo a new set of curriculum, which means they have to take our subjects again. All else may will not be credited to DIET program. For old curriculum, applicants have to be 25 years old and complete with requirements. 

Q: I am a Grade 12 graduate of CITE and was not considered for DIET program. Is there a chance to be re-accepted into the program?

A: You can apply again. Send a letter of intent. You and your parents will have to be reinterviewed. Otherwise, you will be advised to enroll in other school elsewhere upon settling your remained balances (parents’ pledge and  other pending fees).