CITE Holds 2nd SHS Graduation Ceremonies

CITE (Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise) Technical Institute, Inc. marks a new milestone as it celebrated its 2nd Graduation Rites for senior high school graduates on two separate ceremonies, April 12 and 13, 2019.

CITE honored the academic achievements and track completion of 314* students who comprise the second batch of SHS graduates who are products of K-12 educational reform of the government.

Graduates of TVL track in Machining, Mechatronics, Computer Systems Servicing, and Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing gathered at the gym, with their parents and CITE academic community.

Both Fr. Roy Cimagala and Fr. Nonoy Palarca congratulated the graduates during the thanksgiving mass preceding the closing ceremonies. 

Some 90 graduates of Machining NC II and 68 graduates of Mechatronics NC II comprised the April 12 batch. The April 13 batch has 80 graduates of Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing and 68 graduates of Computer Systems Servicing. Parents of 79 graduates received the perfect attendance certificate for completing the Education for Development Seminar Series for 2 years. 

Graduates with honors also received their certificate of recognition for achieving a grade point average of 90 or better in all subjects. The following are the awardees:

  1. James Carl Bacalan Andrino
  2. Jude Racal Oybenes
  3. Aprilboy Sanchez Naranjo
  4. Reaven Roov Sefe Evangelista
  5. Rene Racaza Palomar, Jr.
  6. Earl Ivan Largo Etac
  7. Mark Alfred Ebron Cadeon
  8. John Lloyd Telebrico Plaza
  9. Vince Augustine Jaca Delfin
  10. Alfonso Navarrete Gamboa
  11. Cyrelle Dave Hipgano Leopardas
  12. Lynard Bitoy Calvez
  13. Glen Mark Peralta Bontog
  14. Mac Dylan Philippe Morales Balagtas
  15. NiƱo Angelo Unabia Balagtas

Graduates who excelled in their technology subjects were also conferred with award certificate.

  1. James Carl Bacalan Andrino (Best in Machining)
  2. Vince Augustine Jaca Delfin (Best in Mechatronics)
  3. Lynard Bitoy Calvez (Best in Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing)
  4. Mac Dylan Philippe Morales Balagtas (Best in Computer Systems Servicing)

Students with perfect attendance and those who are best in conduct were also awarded during the ceremony. Junior Chamber of International Philippines’ Youth Leadership Excellence Awards recipients Vince Augustine Delfin and Mac Dylan Philippe Balagtas delivered the valedictory addresses on April 12 and 13, respectively.

Delfin in his speech stressed the importance of prayer, work, and service, while Balagtas simply told the graduates to follow their dreams and be passionate about what they are good at.

CITE was among 92 private schools nationwide accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd) to offer senior high school for school year in 2014.  CITE’s SHS program ensures that Grade 12 graduates are prepared for employment and further education in Diploma in Engineering Technology, a 3-year program towards engineering and better employment opportunities. 

The closing ceremonies centered on the theme, “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”, which speaks largely on CITE’s commitment towards the realization of quality, accessible, relevant basic education for the Filipino learners.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the school principal, Dr. Faustino Langahin and Development Office Director Mr. Armand Simeon Millan III.