Alumni Series: Andy Maligmat

31960953_10156013441068941_7564483834087997440_nCITE Electrical Technology graduate, Andy Maligmat, reminisces the days before he became the man he is today especially the time after high school, when financial problem grasped his leg like a ball and chain.

Despite this heavy burden, still, off he went to seek for the opportunity to continue his education.

He still remembers how he triumphed over the stairs only to be greeted that the exams won’t be starting until afternoon, thus compelling him to descend back.

But later on, when he returned in the afternoon, the exams were already done. Andy shriveled for hope. The wheel seemed to have stopped turning and he felt like he was at the bottom of it. But then suddenly out of nowhere, Andy was called and was allowed to take the exam. And from that moment on, Andy made two things sure.

First was that the wheel should keep on turning and second, that he be always on top of it. Sure enough, with his determination, he passed the exam and even placed as one of the top trainees in the summer training.

At that point, Andy was just taking his first step on his long journey. As a student, keeping up with his studies was a main priority and since he also goes home to Talisay City daily, Andy studied while commuting, en route to CITE and home as well.

This practice surely paid off, for his name kept on landing on the Director’s List. He made sure that the wheel kept on turning and stayed on top of it as well. Even after graduating, working from one company to another, even overseas , gaining experience. Now, that wheel is unstoppable and he has stayed on top ever since. Working as a Key Account Manager, Andy has no plan on stopping, for everything must go on.