Trade Training Upskilling Course for Asset Management Team Conducted

Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation (PASAR), Leyte — PASAR’s Asset Management Tradesmen go through a battery of skill-focused training in Engineering Measurement and Hand Tools helmed by professional trainers from TAFE Queensland and CITE Technical Institute, Inc., represented by Training Officer Johnry Gac-ang.

The Trade Training Upskilling Course aims to upgrade the skills and knowledge of tradesmen. The training comprises two components: (1) “training room” theory, practical training, and assessment and (2) “on-the-job training”, peer-to-peer mentoring, and work floor assessment.

Three batches of 12 personnel have successfully completed the Engineering Measurement Course. The participants are a mixture of Millwrights and Electricians from Primary Smelting, Secondary Smelting, Refinery, Slag Flotation Plant, Acid Plant & Utilities. Also, five batches of 12 mechanical tradesmen have successfully undergone the hand tools course. In the pipeline are training courses for electrical and other trade.

A total of 36 participants for Engineering Measurement and 240 participants for Hand Tools course have completed the course.

Texts and photos butchered from PASAR’s official gazette, CopperFlash.