Do-it-Yourself Face Shields Filling A Niche

A lot of productive activities can still be done while you are on quarantine and it even includes helping out in household chores or starting a new hobby.

For Jommel Salogaol, who has been trapped since the stay-at-home orders somewhere on Mango Avenue, he makes use of his time to assemble 200 do-it-yourself face shields to be given out for free to hospital front liners of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Jommel attaches foam to acetate using super glue.

Well, he got some help too from three members of Immanuel Fellowship Cebu Church Center where Jommel stays and volunteers to be the resident sound and light technician.

“I had no intention of posting our finished products on Facebook, but I was overwhelmed with our accomplishment and the thought that we are able to help,” says Jommel who is a graduating student of the Diploma Program in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Mission accomplished! About 200 face shields are ready for distribution.

Under supervision during the production.

A spike in demand for face shields has prompted the group to step up. They received supplies from Mr. Jun Vergara of Balamban Liempo who started out making DIY face shields for store clerks and later on extended help to hospital front liners as part of their company initiatives.

Face shields are preferred by medical staff over face masks against respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing that cause COVID-19. Face shields have cutouts in the foam pad that rests against a person’s head, making it conform better to the curve of a person’s brow.

Jommel said that face shields are disinfected and may be reused but have to be replaced periodically due to wear and tear. Thus, the need to ramp up its production will help medical personnel from getting infected.

“Right now, we are waiting for the straps to come from our sponsor and we hope to finish the next batch as soon as possible,” Jommel said as he pointed out its urgency to fill the niche when supply chains have broken down.

Procedures in making a face shield