New Rotaractors Foster Solid Relationships

DSC_0003 (3)What does it take to be a rotaractor? A soft spot for the poor, spirit of service, and life skills that create solid relationships with others. It was refreshing to see a batch of them last August 1,2017   for an orientation and team building seminar helmed by the Rotary Club of Mactan. Miss Maita Manglapus, past president  and active rotarian of the Rotary Club of Mactan, met 29 new members for an orientation on the roles of rotaractors for social mobility.DSC_0030 (2)

During the event, the upcoming rotaractors experienced the dynamic team building training program that helps them to lead, communicate, and work with others. While it was on a short duration, the training develops strong team cohesion through interactive activities that strengthen every aspect of team leadership skills. From start to finish, it allowed the new members to blend and form friendships, a big step towards becoming socially active.