Taking Charge

PHOTO 1Alex, 38, manages his own businesses, the Watchdog Automation Sales and Services and the PLC Systems Technique, Inc. With his experience in PLC throughout his working career, he is able to design as well as sell his engineering solutions.

But Alex came from humble beginnings. From the outskirts of Samboan, 139 kilometers away from the city of Cebu, he was one of the any other high school applicants who wanted to push their future in the hands of technical education.

He worked as technician for different companies after graduation like Maitland-Smith Cebu, Inc. and Lexmark.

After five of years of being a technician, Alex was given the chance to be an Omron PLC Systems Integrator at Eco Triangle Microsystems. The tasks were challenging, but it didn’t stop me to move forward and improve, instead, it made me do more, says Alex.

Three years after, Alex was hired as a Factory Automation Systems Integrator at Precision Process Control and Automation where his project was based in PASAR, Isabel Leyte. With his new career venture, he was able to experience top-to-bottom processes of the company, from sales to product development.

But Alex knew there was more to come in his professional life. He was itching for more development. Year 2009, Alex got the inspiration to create his own group, so he registered the Watchdog Automation Sales and Services.

While working, Alex was doing the preparations for his transition, from a full-time employee to a sole business owner.

Currently, there are 85 people working under Alex, including 10 engineers and 19 full-time technicians that are mostly graduates of CITE.

Recently, on the 8th of December 2014, Alex created another company with his family, the PLC System Technique, Inc. which he describes to be the forefront of the Watchdog for marketing and sales. 