General Statistics

Diploma Programs — the first of its kind in the country offering a new pathway for aspiring technologists, technopreneurs, and those seeking future careers in engineering. The program is open to Grade 12 graduates of senior high school graduates. The diploma program equips students with specialist skills which are highly valued by the industry partners and let them experience CITE education.

Total No. of Enrollees

Diploma Programs :  341
Senior High School Program : 321
Industrial Technician Program : 899

Total No. of Graduates: 5,004*

Total No. of Graduates of Industrial Skills Training Program (Production Technology) :  8,248

*Based on CITE Annual Report 2017-2018

Industry Skills Training Program (ISTP) — a spin-off program designed to increase employability of male and female OSYs by providing them entry-level skills in industry assembly and computer-aided designing and drafting for six months.